What Type of Roof Is Right for You

To date, one can easily find a huge and well-established choice of building designs and roof material types that surely can satisfy all standard requirements for the safety of buildings and roof materials. Nevertheless, when selecting the exact type of your new roof, you should keep in mind many factors that define the durability of the roof, wind, moist and temperature resistance, and of course, economic feasibility. Various types of roofs are characterized by completely different sets of design flaws and advantages. This brief guide will help you to determine the roof materials that will suit you most.

Asphalt Shingles

Doubtlessly, this is a great choice for a standard house, and yet this roof type cannot boast of a great durability and wind resistance. These constructions usually cost less than plastic ones; they are moderate in durability, fire-resistant, and commercially available in various forms. However, low prices (asphalt elements may cost one-fifth of the regular metal panel price) and various types of commercially available asphalt shingles make it a promising variant. Read more about asphalt shingles Calgary.

Metal Roofs

This is a high-class option for those who are seeking both excellent durability and extremely satisfying levels of resistance. These elements are manufactured from various materials, varying from aluminum to stainless steels. They are also supplied in two forms: metal panels and shingles, which means that it is easily adjustable for different architectural designs.

The cons are not crucial, but still they need to be mentioned. This roof type is surely more expensive than the analogical ones and much heavier than wooden or plastic panels, which means that it cannot be installed on old or unreliable load-bearing structures. In order to replace your outdated wooden constructions elements with new and shine metal ones, you may require strengthening of the roof en bloc.

Wooden Roofs

Wooden elements have a great number of advantages, such as:

– Low price. They are not very expensive (a square foot of a wooden panel rarely costs half a price of a metal one);
– They are 100 % eco-friendly.
– These elements are relatively easy-to-mount.
– Finally, they look fantastic – a serious bonus for those who adore vintage buildings!

On the minus side, wood constructions are highly flammable and their lifespan is significantly decreased under the conditions of high pH and humidity. Consider the local climate and double-check the fire alarm system before deciding in favour of this material.

Synthetic roofing materials.

These are the work materials preferred by most of the licensed roofing contractors. The roofs made of synthetic materials combine the lion’s share of advantages of the natural ones and have only a few notable flaws.
In general, plastic roofs are lighter in weight, not as expensive as clay ones, moist, fire, and wind resistant. Moreover, these constructions require the basic maintenance only. They also have high durability – the roofing contractors provide solid warranties for these roofs for up to forty-fifty years. Along with a variety of marketed shapes and forms, these factors make plastic roofing materials a solid choice for a classic house.